About the Authors

Trecia is an educator and an advocate for young people. As the mother of four daughters, ranging in ages 14-34, she has dealt with all kinds of “life drama”.  She has overcome many obstacles, including poverty, teen pregnancy and the death of a spouse. Trecia has learned along life’s journey that people have the power to overcome and triumph over life challenges. She firmly believes that life is about lessons and the sooner we learn the lesson, the sooner we are free to move on. Therefore the goal is to embrace the lesson, learn and move on to your destiny! Trecia is the epitome of a fierce lioness.

Caressa is a newly self proclaimed lioness in waiting. After recently overcoming her first plight in adulthood, she is now realizing her power, value, and worth. Her independent journey as an adult begins now.

Khadijah is an emerging lioness in training. She is a full time student and seriously considering becoming asexual! (LOL just kidding.) She is learning how to love herself and discovering that she doesn't need a "man" to define her or fulfill her. Khadijah is excited about embarking on her personal journey of self-discovery and finding her place in the world.