About The Blog

“Lessons from the Lion’s Den” is a blog that addresses the challenges and struggles that women face and overcome along the journey of life. It offers the prospective of life lessons from different generations and views. It is raw, painful, truthful, comical and poignant.  Come along as a mother and her daughters share trials and triumphs in their quest to overcome adversity, achieve their dreams and find their place in the world.  The Lioness is one of the greatest pictures of motherhood and womanhood in nature. She is fierce, nurturing, serene and majestic. Her single focus is to preserve and protect the Pride.  The Lioness knows that failure to learn the lessons can literally be a matter of life and death. The goal is to teach the cubs how to survive and flourish in the world that she has birth them into. Thus, the lioness and a mother have the same goal, to ensure that their offspring is prepared to face the world, strong, independent, confident and fierce.  Ready to face adversity, overcome obstacles and equipped not only to survive, but to thrive!!