Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Men NEED Warning Signs!!!

It’s the same ole stuff, just a different day.  I ask myself, “How did you get here? What were you thinking? And where did you go?”  Searching for love has taken me to some strange places.  It takes a minute for me to come to my senses, and it hurts like hell to find my way back.   And when I finally find my way back and things start to make sense again I find myself in the same situation with another man.         

Of course for me it takes a long minute because for some reason I have also been cursed with the Robin Hood Complex or in my case Robin Hoodisha. You know, the one always trying to save someone or change someone.

Why do I continue this vicious cycle?   I’ve had my share of relationships, beginning in elementary school (ok it was puppy love), some were good for awhile. But the sad truth is the majority of them were just plain whack! My last two relationships has been life changing. I have learned at least two lessons that my Mother has tried to teach me (actually one). First, YOU CAN’T CHANGE ANYONE and second, RUN WHILE YOU CAN, ok, ok, I am still learning this one; it’s that Robin Hood thing again). Too Bad Guys don’t come with a Product Warning!

WARNING:  Getting involved in a relationship with me will lead to the loss of your self-esteem, a broken heart, your time and confidence.  Prolonged involvement may result in the loss of sleep, hair, focus, friends and YOU). Please consult with your spiritual advisor, my ex-girlfriend and God before use.

---Lioness in Training

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