Friday, June 24, 2011

What Would You Do Friday?

He had big brown eyes, mocha skin and an infectious smile. He had his own money, transportation and a house! He took me shopping, bought me breakfast, lunch and dinner and filled my car up without asking anything in return! I called him Mr. Right! Although he was a little clingy and sometimes said crazy things, he was a lot of fun! We had deep conversations and he wasn’t afraid to show his feelings. (I love a man who isn’t afraid to let a woman see him cry). I kept asking myself, “Does this guy ever do anything wrong?” I even let him meet my mother and after one conversation she said, “He has issues, you need to leave him alone.” (What does she know, she says that about everybody I bring home.) After a month or so I realized that I really wasn’t that interested in him, and as much as I wanted to prove my Mother wrong, I decided to do the right thing and let him know that I’d rather be friends. I tried telling him on the phone but he acted as if he didn’t hear me. I sent him a long text and he ignored it. I tried ignoring his phone calls but that didn’t work either. I figured if I told him in person he would finally understand, so I told him to meet me at a nicely lit store with lots of people around. He agreed and as I was shopping I told him, “You’re a nice guy, I enjoy your company, but I’m just really not interested in a relationship right now” and what happened next I was totally unprepared for.!! He dropped to his knees, holding my waist in what felt like a head lock!! He looked up at me and started CRYING in the middle of the store in front of everybody!!! I was mortified! As people walked by looking at me, I discreetly begged him to get off the floor and stop crying. People were walking by looking at us like we were crazy as hell! The guy at the register asked if everything was all right, I quickly responded “Yes” with a forced smile on my face. Mr. Right yelled” NO, everything is not alright, I wanna be with you!!!” I was shocked; all of a sudden Mr. Right did not feel so right anymore! I was in the middle of the store with a grown ass man hanging onto my leg, sobbing….....

Please post all comments below. Your feedback and support is greatly appreciated. SN: Fellas please put your self in the situation. We would love some male perspectives.


  1. Lol, I would have that nice clerk call mall security and begin documentation on my restraining order. Then politely let him know that I'm registered.

    ~Ciara Denise

  2. I would have stood my ground and repeated that this was not what i wanted, that I didn't feel that I wanted or was ready for a relationship with him. I would then ask him again to get off the floor. I would tell him I was sorry, this was not going to happen. I would put down what I had, walked out of the store n to the security office so they could see me to my car.
    Now once in my car I would pull my gun out of the glove box, make sure my clip was loaded and gun ready. Then we will let the chips fall where they may!!! And with 17 years in the Army, the one thing I did learn is to shoot straight!!!

  3. I've given you an award!! Check it out ♥