Wednesday, June 22, 2011

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them” Maya Angelou

Often time we linger in toxic relationships far too long, simply because we don’t want to accept the truth about who that person really is. We tell ourselves lies, make excuses and believe that we are so special that we can really change them! And so we stay for another round of hurt and heartbreak. And we pretend not to know the truth. We ignore the truth because, we don’t want to be lonely, we don’t want to be hurt and we just want to be loved. And therein lies the problem, because chances are, we are STILL lonely, we are ALREADY hurt and we are definitely NOT being loved!  So why not just face the truth?

If he cheats once he will do it again, he is NOT a FAITHFUL man.
If he hits you, he is ABUSIVE.
If he calls you names, he is DISRESPECTFUL.
If it’s always all about him, he is SELFISH!
If he doesn’t care about your feelings, he is INSENSITIVE!

The bottom line is, you can choose to stay, hoping and praying he will change OR decide the FIRST time that you really are not interested in an unfaithful, abusive, disrespectful, selfish, insensitive man. Exercise your power to leave, with your dignity, feelings and heart intact, saving it for that someone special who knows how to treat you like the jewel you truly are!! The Bible says when a Man finds a Mate (wife) He finds a good thing. So you know what that means?  YOU ARE THE PRIZE!

PS!!! Just for the record, this same situation can be the other way around, just change he to she! I have seen some of the ladies take total advantage of a good man!

Lessons From the Lioness!


  1. You know I've been told, whe a family pray together they stay together. We are indeed a blessed family, wether the praayers are in one room are diastants away. As long as we are touching and agreeing on the same thing, GOD is TRULY in the MIST!I remember not so long ago I was in the same situation, not ashame to tell it and in telling my story with the help of God I was able to free myself form any possibilities of being in DENIAL!...I was able to cry, vent, allow my heart to hurt, learn, pray, get pass the pain and move on. Like you said Trecia, WE are JEWELS that deserves unconditional love, But most of ALL we are definitely the "PRIZE"!

  2. Whitney Crews-EnglishJune 22, 2011 at 7:36 PM

    So Very True.. Woman Feel As If They Can Talk To A Man As If He's A Doormate & Even At Times Provoke Him Into Becoming Physical... Just As Women (A Real Woman), Doesn't Like To Be Abused By A Man (Whether It Be Verbal Or Physical), A Woman Shouldn't Attack A Man.. I Couldn't Understand What I Had In My Husband Until I Really Got Some Counseling.. I When I Say I Was A 'Hot' Mess!! I Was Carrying So Much Baggage From My Hurtful Childhood. I Couldn't See How I Was Hurting My Marriage & How I Destroyed Previous Relationships.. It's So True That Hurting People, Hurt People! I Was Suffering From Rejecting & Abandonment From My Parents.. So Many Unanswered Questions.. I Would Just Fly Off The Mouth In an Argument, My Mind Thinking That He Too, Would Reject Me.. Thank God For My Much Needed Help..It's Funny When Women Declare That There Aren't Any Good Men.. They Exist, But Sometimes Get Could Be The Baggage We As Women Have That's Keeping Them Away!! Men Are Suppose To Love Their Woman As Christ Loves The Church & We As Women Should Respect Our Man As Such..

  3. Whitney. Thank you so much for sharing that from the other prespective. It's really important for the ladies to know that they we are not always as innocent as we want to think. If we don't deal with our stuff we can hurt ourselves as well as others. Eric Badu was telling the truth when she said Bag Lady you go hurt yourself!! (and others) Kudos to you for not only recognizing you needed some help but being courageous enough to get it. it takes a lot of courageto face yourself and work out your issues. I am so proud of you and I hope others will be inspired to do the same. Oprah Winfrey said it best. She said at some point we have to take responsibility for our own lives. taking responsibility can be the difference between happiness and bitterness. The Lioness

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