Monday, June 20, 2011

When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them--Maya Angelou

One of my favorite movies as a child was the Wizard of Oz. At the time the Tin Man was my favorite character, not only was being silver cool but he actually rusted when he cried!  As an adult, I envy the fact that he has no heart and thus no feelings! Now that sounds like a good plan to me since I always seem to get blindsided by my feelings and allow my emotions to cloud my judgment. When it comes to love, I find myself making excuses, ignoring warning signs and going full speed ahead.  I keep singing the same ole song, “I Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely.” And so I pretend not to know and tell myself some more lies. After all I don’t have to look at something   that’s not even there.
I become very comfortable with my ignorance and bury my head in the sand hoping that somehow magically things will change and I will wake up like sleeping beauty and live happily ever after. Eventually the battle between my heart and mind becomes quite violent, and the pain of staying is greater than the pain of leaving. After much heartache and many tears, I have to face the fact that he is who he said he was the first time. The first time he stood me up. The first time he cheated. The first time he called me cruel names. The first time he made me feel that I wasn’t valued and the first time he decided that I wasn’t enough.

--Lioness In Waiting


  1. It's amazing how life situations and circumstances brings movies and songs to mind that we can use to parallel our on personal lives....We can use the movie "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" even though she took a lot off him, as we sometimes do in our own life situation. She realized that she was worthy of true unconditional love that he was never able to give to her. It's sad when sometimes fatal things has to happen to us in order for us to wake up and smell the coffee. But, thank God for "listen" by Beyonce!...Sometimes we start melodies that we think other people need to complete, when in essence only we can COMPLETE it!....Good one Caressa, I had to take a look at the "When People Show You Who they Are, Believe Them!...The First Time!....Thanks!!!!

  2. I agree. i used to be ashamed of my lessons, but now with this blog I can be transparent and I see that so many others have gone through the same things and can relate. I am glad to know i didnt experience this in vain.

  3. Caressa, theres no need to be ashamed of the past, the past is what strengthen us and allows us to move forward if we look at it as an experience and lesson learned. I applaud you for your speaking up and speaking out that others may learn from your life stories that we too can become transparent like you. God is doing a mighty work in you, and it's my prayer that you continue to do what God has placed in you and on your heart to do.....Be blessed cuz!